Rights of Way

The Free Online Rights of Way Mapping Service

Below is our free rights of map way covering Norfolk County Council. Footpaths are coloured in yellow, Byways (open to all traffic) in orange, Byways (restricted) in green and Bridleways in purple. The user can select which rights of way are displayed using the map toggle button on the top right corner of the map. Please note some council areas may not contain any right of way of a certain type in which case the layer will display as active but will not display anything. The data we use is an interpretation of the definitive map, not a accurate reproduction, so it cannot be used for legal purposes and is provided without warranty or guarantee.

We use the data offered online by Barry Cornelius of ROW Maps. We are very grateful for the provision of free, cleaned right of way data and recommend our users have a look at his similar free right of way mapping service.